The Problems Of Washing Your Own Rug

As you enter the house, you notice that your area rug is looking a little, or a lot, dirty. It is a Saturday afternoon and you think, “Hey I will just take it outside and give it a quick wash with the garden hose.”

You think it’ll be quick and easy, it is just a inexpensive area rug anyway, what harm could happen?
As you rinse away all that nasty dirt you notice that the run off water looks coloured. You stop rinsing, but it is too late the colours have already bled.

Another scenario could be, you finished washing the rug and leave it out to dry and a few hours later when you check on it, it feels crusty and won’t lie flat and now has a funky smell. Those are two potential outcomes of cleaning your area rug yourself.

It may not have been an expensive area rug before you cleaned it, but now its become expensive since you have to replace it.

Trying to find the perfect area rug becomes a challenge as the colour you desire isn’t in fashion right now or you are shocked by the prices.

Do-it-yourself area rug washers beware, it may seem like an easy task, but take note of these potential outcomes:

  • incomplete drying could cause mold or the foundation could rot
  • may cause damage to your floor from trapped moisture from incomplete drying
  • leftover soap residue makes the area rug get dirtier faster
  • area rug may wrinkle from uneven application of water
  • colours could run
  • area rug fibers may become matted down

How To Make Your Area Rug Last Years Longer
Your area rug(s) can last a long time with the proper care and attention.

Depending on the foot traffic, area rugs should be cleaned about once a year, more if you have children and pets.

  • General cleaning frequency guide
  • 3-6 months for young children and pets
  • 6 months for young children
  • 4 months for 2 persons with smoking
  • 6-12 for 2 persons non smoking

​The above information was taken from a letter by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The easiest way to improve indoor air quality is to clean the items that trap the allergens and bacteria.

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