Dhurrie Rug Cleaning in Hernando, Mississippi

Rug Cleaning in Hernando , Mississippi

From preliminary inspection to final check, our company takes special care to properly manage your Oriental rug cleaning project. Since 1881, we have completed rug cleaning of every type of difficulty for clients that want to protect and maintain the appearance of their beautiful pieces.

Fred Remmers Rug Cleaners & Oriental Rug Gallery near Hernando, Mississippi can check out your rug and recommend a course of action. Our rug cleaning services are customized based on problems you have such as stains, damage, and more.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Includes a Specific Wash Process

One thing our customers inHernando, Mississippi will tell you is that we are consistent in all of the work we complete, no matter how intense the cleaning process needs to be. It is not uncommon for us to handle deeply embedded pet stains, heavy discoloration, and large amounts of dirt and dust. The basics of a typical oriental rug cleaning include:

  • Pre-Wash Inspection: This includes determining the condition of the rug and deciding if treatment is needed before we wash the rug.
  • Dusting: This involves removing 100% of the dust from the rug with state-of-the-art methods.
  • Pre-Spot Tough Stains: This customized step may involve special treatment, enzyme treatment, and color restoration.
  • Submersion Wash: This includes washing the rug on both sides with our gentle yet effective shampoos.
  • Soaking: Allowing the rug to soak fully in this overnight step removes dirt, liquids, and more.
  • Brushing: This includes brushing the rug with special grooming tools.
  • Drying: This goes on in a climate-controlled room that leaves your rug dry in about six hours.
  • Final Inspection: This is conducted to make sure every aspect of the cleaning service was handled properly and to our own standards.

Add On Services Extends Your Rug’s Lifetime

When you are already investing in a piece which is especially important to your family or friends we recommend adding on services including scotch guarding, rug deodorizing, and/or moth proofing.

Scotch guarding allows you to walk, run, play, and relax on or around your rug without worrying about damages caused by spills. No matter how careful you are, it is always best to prepare for an accident because they do happen. Deodorizing is especially recommended for pet owners and people that are looking to store their rug for more than a few months. With storage in mind, you may also want to add moth proofing to prevent any major damage while your rug is not in use.

Special Types of Treatment Involved in Rug Cleaning

You shouldn’t be worried about every foot that steps on your rug. One of the best things about owning a beautiful oriental rug is showing it off and displaying it in your home. Without being able to do this, there is no benefit to owning the piece. We give you peace of mind as you live your daily life by offering special types of rug cleaning treatment to get rid of every type of damage caused, including the most difficult of circumstances.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for rug cleaning. We are proud to serve clients inHernando, Mississippi , and the surrounding areas.


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How to Clean an Area Rug

Floor rugs provide comfort, warmth and style to a room but they do need cleaning for general dirt and the occasional stain. Try to minimize dirt build up, especially in a high traffic area by asking guests and family to take off their outdoor shoes at the front door. A good front door mat will also ensure that people who do enter your house wearing shoes will not be tracking in dirt or mud.

Regular vacuuming is the best way to stop dirt from getting really embedded into a rug but if you need to deep clean, you can roll them up and send them away for professional cleaning by hot-water extraction or steam cleaning. Of course you can rent an extraction machine and do it yourself but make sure not to get the rug too saturated and be spare with the cleaning solution.

That last advice is probably the most important of all. Do not overdo the cleaning solution and make sure you rinse the rug very well afterwards. Vacuum the carpet first to get rid of dirt particles before trying to clean it.

If you are dealing with spillage and stains, it is vital to try to clean the stain as quickly as possible before it is absorbed and dries. A lot of rugs are stain resistant, a treatment that delays the setting in of a stain and gives you a better chance of removing it. Rubbing will push the spill into the pile and mat the fibres together so it is better to blot up spills first with a clean towel or wad of paper towel. Press down and keep blotting into a clean piece of towel until you have absorbed up the liquid. If you have a wet-vac you can extract large stains before you blot dry.

Apply warm water and blot the area again but if the stain is still there you will need to apply a mixture of mild detergent or hand-washing soap (about 250 mL) and warm water (about 4 litres) - a ratio of about 1 to 16. Read the label and make sure the detergent contains no bleach or alkaline. Let this soak for five minutes, rinse it with warm water and blot it well again. Repeat this process again until the rug is free of stains and detergent. You can hang the rug outside to dry or use a fan or hairdryer for emergencies. Vacuum the area when the rug is completely dry to raise the nap and fluff up the fibres again.

Most modern carpets are synthetic. Avoid home cleaning methods on wool fibres as they are more absorbent, become very heavy when wet and difficult to dry. Be careful too when you vacuum a wool rug, do not use a rotary brush on loop-piles because the fibres will fuzz. If you don't know whether your rug is wool or synthetic, you can do a burn test with a small snipped sample on a saucer. Burnt wool smells like burnt hair and synthetic fibre will melt.

Plant fibres like sisal, coir, jute and seagrass are also very absorbent, being less stain-resistant. Vacuum regularly using a beater bar or brush attachment and dry any areas that get wet from spills as quickly as possible with dryers and fans.

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How to Clean Area Rugs - General Tips

Cleaning Oriental rugs is the best and easiest way to increase its durability and life. With time, rugs gather a lot of dust whether it is on the floor and being walked on or hung on the wall. The dust accumulates and gets embedded in the wool, silk, or other fibers that have been used for its manufacture. This not only dulls the colors of the rug but also becomes a health hazard if not taken care of on a regular basis.

How often

Ideally Oriental rug cleaning should be done at least once in 12 months. If it is being used in a high traffic area then cleaning once in 6 months is recommended. To determine whether the rug needs to be cleaned or not, rub your hand on it for about 10 seconds. If you see a lot of dust flying up or your hands are dirty then your rug definitely needs to go to the cleaners. Accumulation of dust on rugs can lead to respiratory illnesses. Also stains if left unattended for too long can cause permanent damage to your rugs. These factors also need to be considered when deciding the frequency at which your rug is to be cleaned.

Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Good quality handmade oriental rugs need professional cleaning services to ensure their durability. Use of chemicals and other cleaning liquids are not recommended for these rugs as it will damage the natural fibers. Most companies that sell carpets and rugs also offer cleaning services so it is always good to go back to them because of the accountability they have if something goes wrong during the cleaning process. A professional cleaner checks for any damage to the rug because cleaning can worsen it. Next the dust is thoroughly removed and then the rug is washed and dried in a dust free environment. Thoroughly cleaning Oriental rugs can restore its original luster and color.

Cleaning at home

Cleaning rugs at home is not a recommended practice especially for high quality Oriental rugs made purely of silk or wool. Some blended wool rugs and cotton rugs can be cleaned at home but only after checking the manufacturer's instructions. To clean a rug at home, first vacuum all the dust out and then wash it with cold water and a mild detergent. Dry it flat and make sure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

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