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Top 5 tips To Care For Your Area Rugs

When you own an area rug, it is an investment and like any investment it needs care and attention. Here are the top 5 ways to help make your area rugs last a lifetime To get the maximum value out of your area rug it is best to get it expertly cleaned by professionals every […]

The Problems Of Washing Your Own Rug

As you enter the house, you notice that your area rug is looking a little, or a lot, dirty. It is a Saturday afternoon and you think, “Hey I will just take it outside and give it a quick wash with the garden hose.” You think it’ll be quick and easy, it is just a […]

How to Protect Your Rug From Furniture

Your rug isn’t just a commodity, it’s comfortable, beautiful, and valuable. And over the lifetime of your rug, you want to retain that value. That means taking measures to protect your rug. Sure, you can make rules to keep your guests from ruining your precious Persian carpet… “No shoes—please remove those at the door.” “No, […]

When to Vacuum, When to Deep Clean

Your rug is precious. It’s a family heirloom. It’s a conversation piece. It’s your dog’s favorite napping space. It’s the perfect accent to that glass coffee table and your leather couch. Like everything that you hold dear, you want to protect and care for your rug. You may spend time once a week, perhaps once […]

Some of the World’s Most Expensive Rugs

Our rug appraisal team in Memphis has evaluated some incredible rugs over the years. We’ve appraised rugs from all over the world, determining the country of origin, the date of creation, and how much those rugs are going to be worth on today’s market. Many people don’t know how much their antique rug is worth […]

Five Ways to Maintain That Just-Cleaned Rug Look and Feel

When you use our rug cleaning services in Memphis, your rug looks and feels like new. It even smells better than ever. The colors and patterns in the weave are brighter and more vibrant. And the best part is that it feels terrific under your toes. That like-new condition is one that you’ll want to […]